May 26, 2005

E-mail a Fascist

Here is the e-mail (with thanks to Italian blogger KrilliX) for the fascist who is prosecuting Oriana Fallaci for daring to speak out against the Islamification of Europe.

Armando Grasso

Here is my letter

You are a fascist for prosecuting a women for exercising her right of free speech.

I stand in solidarity with Ms. Fallaci and beg you to also prosecute me. I have said much worse about Islam that she has.

For instance, I have publicly called Mohammed a child molester since the most reliable Hadiths claim he married his last wife Aisha at the age of six and raped her at the age of nine.

Also, as we speak, I am burning a copy of the Koran. A shit stained copy of the Koran, I might add, since I have recently taken to using its pages for toilet paper. I have no excuse for this obvious act of desecration other than to provoke a response from Islamofascists and their European dhimmis (like you) bent on extinguishing liberty.

If you call yourself a man then you will immediately indict me for 'crimes' much worse than Ms. Fallaci is charged with and begin extradition hearings.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford

The Anchoress responds to this Arab News story which accuses Americans of 'hating Muslims.' Read it.

Let me make something perfectly clear: I do not hate Muslims. I do not believe Muslims go to hell. I do not believe Muslims are bad people.

What I am is a lover of liberty.

What I hate about Islam is not what most Christians hate about Islam. What I hate about Islam is that it seems to be anti-libertarian. I could care less if Muslims want to condemn me to hell. Most Christians also believe I am going to hell. Thank you one and all for your concern for my eternal soul.

What I do object to is Muslims using the law to put people in prison (or worse) for exercising basic human rights such as the right to say bad things about, well, Islam.

I doubt if I represent what most Americans think, but I can say without reservation that I for one do not hate Muslims. But I do hate Islam. I also do not hate communists, but I do hate Communism. Islam in its historical and mainstream manifestation is every bit as evil as Communism was. It quashes the individual. It makes him a slave to the religious community.

Even liberal Islamic law is still Islamic law.

I have been told that thousands of slave owners were very nice. Despite the law, they educated their slaves, provided good food and shelter (certainly better than many free smallholders had), did not break up families, and allowed them a great deal of freedom of movement and worship. But no matter how pleasent the master may seem he is still the master. A happy slave is still a slave.

I will not be a willing participant in the Islamification of Europe. Too many Americans died to free the Continent from the slavery of Fascism. Countless billions of American dollars were spent protecting the Continent from the slavery of Communism.

We are now engaged in a great war of ideas. This war is not between Christians and Muslims. It is a war between freedom and Islam. It is a war of ideas. We cannot afford to lose this war.

While others are focusing on the veracity of the Koran story, let me pause to say, "So what?" What if the story is true? What does that mean exactly? So a dipshit 21 year old soldier flushes a copy of the Koran? It might offend people, but who has he hurt? No one.

UPDATE: Ron Wright has similar thoughts.




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