May 25, 2005

Islamic Army in Iraq Attacks Baghdad Airport (video/images)

The Islamic Army in Iraq released a video today of an attack near the Baghdad Airport. Images below. The video can be downloaded from the Islamic Army in Iraq webpage here (via uber-hacker Vlad). The main page is dead but the cyber-terrorist pukes continue to use the site as an archive and place to spread jihadi propaganda.




The video shows at least 7 distinct explosions, all of which are under the flight path of incoming air traffic but which appear to be some distance from the runway. Incidentally, the Islamic Army in Iraq is using a free trial version of Moonlight's Elecard MPEG software which has expired (hence the little Rubick's Cube looking thingy). You'd think the terrorists could afford to buy some real video editing software........

PS-The Islamic Army in Iraq also has a collection of emoticons on their webpage. You know, so you can express your anger at the infidels victory over Abu Musab al Zarqawi or you can give the old smile and wink the next time you behead a Zionist-Crusador pig.

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