May 11, 2005

Dead Again, or Is Zarqawi a Zombie?

The thing about the living-dead is this: you can shoot them but they just keep getting up and coming after your brain.

If Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a zombie, it would also explain his decapitation fetish. It's so much easier to get to the most tender portions of the brain that way.

Nope. Never heard this one before. Thanks to Tim from Opinion Bug for e-mailing this while I was busy grading. ADNKI:

Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is "serious injured, possibly dead" according to Colonel Fouad Hani Hassan, commander of the fifth division of the Iraqi armed forces, cited by 'Elaph', a popular website in the Arab world. Al-Zarqawi, considered al-Qaeda's leader in Iraq, is believed to have been injured in the major offensive US-led forces have been carrying out in the western Anbar province over the last few days. ...

While Operation Matador is not specifically aimed at catching al-Zarqawi, Brig. Gen. James Conway told a Pentagon news briefing on Tuesday that "it would be a welcome event to come across him or his body."

Note to General Conway: Approach the body of a zombie with extreme caution. Sometimes they just play dead waiting for you to bring your cranium closer.

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