May 10, 2005

Utah Webhost Killing American Soldiers

I know it's not possible for Orem, Utah based United Online Web Services, Inc. which runs the free webhosting service to police all of it's sites, but come on!

We are talking about the worst sort of jihadi site here, the type that trains insurgents to kill American soldiers using Improvised Explosive Devices.

If the link doesn't work that's because I filed a complaint with the company, but Open Source Intelligence took a screenshot.

If the link still works it's either because a) they haven't gotten around to taking down this disgusting site because of manpower issues or b) they are a bunch of idiots who in the name of 'free speech' are willing to see their friends and neighbors killed.

If b, then I suggest somebody go down to 1253 N. Research Way, Suite Q-2500, in Orem Utah and raise bloody hell!

UPDATE: Site down!

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