May 10, 2005

Blog Sabbath Caption Winners (UPDATED)

Is it just the pinkeye talking or does that photo seem just a little more gay on the second posting? Anyway, thanks to all for cheering me up in an otherwise dismal week.

See-Dub: While North Korea may soon test a nuclear warhead, White House sources reported, their manual delivery systems remain primitive and easily blocked.

Carlos: Starving N. Korean hordes fight desperately for the last remaining food aid donated by the U.S.A.

Graeme: In this rare photo, North Korean military personnel attempt to split Uranium - 235 atoms to initate a fission reaction during an above ground test of the country's first nuclear weapon. The IAEA has since prohibited the exportation of Red Bull to North Korea in an attempt to stop its nuclear weapons programme.

UPDATE: D'oh! I never announced last week's winners from the Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Worship Me Edition. Sorry.

Amicus Curae: No, honestly, who called for the proctologist?

Lookitup: ...and suddenly George Lucas realizes to his embarrassment that this indeed was NOT Star Wars convention. Quickly he consults the convention map and realizes that this is the Ostrich Impersonators Convention in the next hall over.

Buckley F. Williams gets the most offensive, yet funny award: And remember, whoever finds my Barry Manilow tie clip gets a sturdy goat and a one month supply of chick peas.

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