May 05, 2005

Jawa Report Nabs Terrorist

I almost never cuss. If you cuss too much it sort of takes away from the times when swearing is really appropriate. This is one of those time.

I know this is a PG-13 blog, but every now and then you have to say what the hell.


From time to time we like to do something called post the terrorist's e-mail. It's not just great fun to sign up for gay porn using a terrorists e-mail, it also pays off from time to time.

One of our terrorist buddies is now in jail thanks to a dedicated Jawa reader.

I'm not at liberty to give all the details yet. I'll post the rest of the story when the reader gives permission. I've been holding back on this one for a month. I can't anymore, though.

The basic story is we posted a terrorist's e-mail. A reader with an Arabic sounding e-mail address sent off a message to the terrorist. The terrorist responded. The FBI was informed. The FBI didn't do diddly-squat. The reader kept bugging the FBI. The FBI finally investigated, and ...... drumroll please ..... the FBI now has said terrorist locked up in a jail.

The Jawa Report readers get shit done.

Oh. One more piece of information. Some of you are going to love this.

Are you ready?

Wait for it.

Here it comes.....

The terrorist in question was in the U.S. illegally.

Let that sink in for a second.

Alright, I'm going to go celebrate by taking the rest of the day off and going fishing.

I think I fucking deserve it.

UPDATE 5/07/05:

E-mail from the man who helped the FBI nab the bad guy. We'll call him Werewolf.

I would like to make one slight correction which I consider important-- it turns out that the FBI was NOT sitting on its hands "doing diddly squat" as I originally thought.

When Werewolf first e-mailed me he was pretty ticked off. He had alerted the FBI about the suspected terrorist. They had seemed less than interested.

One of the agents told me that I may think nothing was happening during those weeks when I didn't hear from them after I'd alerted them, but in fact a lot was going on behind the scenes. Actually, during that time, apparently the guy was being apprehended. So the last thing I want to do is seem annoyed in any way with the Feds! I think they deserve some enthusiastic thanks and appreciation, they are doing a great job. Especially since in their line of work, they can never get any recognition for what they do. In short, this was NOT a case of someone getting them off their duffs, etc, if you understand me.

Seriously, this makes me feel a whole lot better about the FBI.

Secondly, we have no way of knowing if my emails or my alerting of the FBI actually led to his capture. They may have been watching him for a long time already and just needed an excuse, etc. I have no idea. Just wanted to make it clear that I am not taking credit for that.

Ok, I just wanted to put this out in the open so that the story is clear.

In any event Werewolf deserves a lot of credit for helping nab this guy.

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