May 02, 2005

Notes and Asides: Laura Bush Beheading Edition

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Cranky Neocon Jr.

Happy Blogoversary to Eric at Vince aut Morire.

Phin is now on Man, they'll let just about anybody in these days......

Confederate Yankee catches the DU nutjobs photoshopping Laura Bush in a very Zarqawi pose.

That's not Jenna Bush's pet beaver you're seeing. Nothing to see there. Move along. Seriously, this one has been debunked. Not that I follow this sort of thing.......But, come on, Wonkette and I linked to this eons ago. Cause, you know, we follow the important stories..

Hey, Dean, what he said. Also, when asking what 'Christians believe' about, say, gay marriage, it's probably a lot wiser to ask a Methodist lay person than, say, an Episcopelian Bishop. The same rule applies to Islam. One can't ask a liberal to defend the mainstream.

Further, what people in the mainstream believe is often quite different than the theology of the mainstream. For instance, ask your average Methodist to explain the Trinity.

That Muslims are trying to distance themselves from the mainstream idea that it's ok to kill the infidel is heartening. But to claim that the mainstream of Islam never believed in such a doctrine is disengenious, at best.

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