April 30, 2005

Algeria Nabs Mennonite Terrorists

Those crazy Mennonites are almost as bad as those suicide bombing Amish we keep hearing about.

Thanks to Reliapundit for e-mailing me this. BBC:

Algerian authorities say they have arrested the leader of an Islamic rebel group suspected of killing 14 civilians in an ambush earlier thismonth.

Boulenouar Oukil of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), the interior ministry said in a statement.

It said the security forces also seized a large arms cache in the operation.

Dozens of people have died in recent attacks by militants who oppose the policy of reconciliation of Algeria's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The interior ministry statement also said that another GIA member - Mohamed Chama - was also captured during the operation.

The civilians were ambushed by suspected militants on 7 April, when their cars were stopped at a fake roadblock near the town of Larba, about 30km (18 miles) south of the capital, Algiers.

The passengers were then forced out and shot dead. One driver escaped and alerted the security forces.

The attack happened soon after President Bouteflika had told Algerians that security had been "largely restored across the country".

The GIA and other militant groups waged a decade-long campaign of violence, following the annulment in 1992 of elections which Islamic groups were poised to win.

An estimated 150,00 people are thought to have been killed in the violence.

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