April 29, 2005

Zarqawi Released New Audio Tape, Agrees with Ted Kennedy

What do Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ted Kennedy have in common? They both think we're losing the war in Iraq. A new 18 minute audio has been released by the propaganda arm of al Qaeda in Iraq.

According to Zarqawi [SITE]:

... the American war in Iraq has been a failure and as a consequence, fear forced "the American enemy to open a dialogue with the mujahideen...." The message calls for Muslim brothers to refuse capitulation to this "deceit" and continue to carry out jihad against American forces, stating: "Attack from your bases with the help of God. Don’t let a convoy pass. Convert their nights to days."
And according to Ted Kennedy:
By any reasonable standard, our policy in Iraq is failing. We are steadily losing ground in the war.
What's interesting about these things is just how savvy Zarqawi and friends really are. They claim their jihad is against the Americans and that their goal is to get the U.S. out. This is something most Muslims would agree with since traditional Islam doesn't recognize the nation-state, but rather the umma, or Muslim community as a nation. It is generally agreed in traditional Islam that jihad is a religious duty to when foreigners attack the umma.

Of course, what Zarqawi shows by his actions is that his real goal is not simply get the U.S. out of Iraq. That's just phase I. Phase two is the setting up of a Taliban like state in Iraq. That is why most of his attacks are against Shia Muslims and Iraqi security forces.

Anyway, here's more from CNN:

"Dear brothers, be patient, it is only a matter of a few days and you will be the ultimate winners, either by way of martyrdom or victory," according to an 18-minute speech posted on two Islamic Web sites....

God has granted you the blessing of having two years of jihad and you have given generously. I ask you to observe God in your religion, jihad and the blood and dignity of your brothers and sisters," the speaker said.

Referring to the U.S.-led forces, the voice said, "now that two years have passed since the fall of Baghdad in the hands of the crusaders, they have gained nothing but disgrace and insults."

Much of the speech is filled with quotes from the Koran, but the speaker also addresses a message to President Bush, whom he calls "the dog of the Romans."

Actually he calls Bush 'the dog of the Byzantines', the Eastern Romans, who the Ottoman jihadis eventually conquered. The allusion should be clear to Muslims, but is somehow overlooked by CNN.
We vow to God you will never reach a decision and your military forces will never feel at peace until we reach our target and as long as we have blood in our veins and our hearts are still beating," the message said in a remark directed at Bush. "We are coming to you, God willing."

The speaker contended that the "enemy" is trying to establish a dialogue with the "mujahedeen," but he called this "the trick of satan."

"What made them announce that the door to dialogue with the resistance should be open? Your jihad and resilience."

He urged insurgents to shun weakness and complacency and to avoid being fooled by the news media. He reminded his listeners that the "enemy" violated "sisters" and "mothers" and performed acts to humiliate the people.

The speaker criticized the "voices of the scholars of the market" who only seem to condemn the mujahedeen. "Where are they to protect the dignity of the Muslim ladies?"......

To al-Zarqawi followers, the message said, "let your swords be full of the crusader's blood."

"And you martyrs, go ahead with the blessing of God, don't let any of their convoys go further," the message said.

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