April 29, 2005

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest Wieners

Did I say wieners? Damn that Frued and his slips!! Anyway, if it wasn't for Laura's constant nagging, I would have completely forgotten about this thing.

So many good entries, so little time. But seriously, judging them isn't half as fun as reading them.

Amicus Curiae: Inspired by the Iranian paratroopers, the suicide paratroopers in Iraq were a welcome development for US troops working on target practice.

Graeme: Praise Allah! With our state-of-the art parachute camouflage, the Great Satan will never see us coming!

No doubt inspired by Kit's earlier entry: In an effort to further discredit the American military, an Italian pro-terrorist group, led by journalist Sgrena, staged an attack on this mosque dressed as U.S. paratroopers. Unfortunately, their disguises didn't extend to their chutes.

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