April 28, 2005

Man Lies: Claims He is Hooded Figure in Famous Abu Ghraib Photo, Says He was Electrocuted

I somehow missed this over at LGF the other day, but Gaijin Biker e-mails me with the news that PBS is set to air an interview with Haj Ali Shallal Abbas, who alleges he is the man in the photo above. How do we know he's full of crap? Check out what he says:

"They made me stand on a box with my hands hooked to wires and shocked me with electricity," Ali recalls through an interpreter in his first in-depth American TV interview. "It felt like my eyeballs were coming out of their sockets. I fell, and they put me back up again for more."
Of course, even a cursory glance at the photo reveals the wires weren't hooked up to anything at all. The alleged 'torture' in the photo above is that prisoners are told that if they fall off the box, they will be electrocuted. Of course, they never are. And Gaijin Biker notes that the Taguba report never mentions electorcution as among the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

Abuses happen at every major prison on the planet. Abu Ghraib was not exception. While such abuse is deplorable, it is routine. Let's not forget what kind of abuse happened at that same prison, as a matter of policy, before the U.S. occupation. For a comparison, see my post Torture vs. Torture [warning: graphic images].

Gaijin Biker also takes Haj Ali Shallal Abbas to task for changing his story over time. Check it out.

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