April 28, 2005

Bin Laden Dead?

Several e-mails have come in saying the Osam bin Laden is dead. No verification yet and this would not be the first time such rumors have circulated.


UPDATE: I'm officially calling this a false alarm. Not so fast.......

Ok, here is a link to the same rumor overheard by K.J. Lopez over at The Corner (hat tip to Reliapundit):

Was chatting with Jim Robbins. He keeps hearing this morning that the president might have some OBL news tonight? A new Islamist website is reporting that bin Laden is dead...and Musharraf has for the first time said publicly that OBL is in his country.
UPDATE II: Just to clarify, these are rumors, not facts.....I'm VERY skeptical.

UPDATE III: Well, it was fun while it lasted, right? And some of you were having too much fun with this.....

UPDATE IV April 29th: DEBKA now reporting bin Laden dead. New post here.

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