April 26, 2005

Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz 'Bed Buddies' (orgle llamas)

Via the Imperial Minister of Women's Objectification, Ghost of a Flea, this Sun Article. Be sure to scroll past the article to see an image from Cameron Diaz's personal photojournal of her and Alba together and one more of Cameron Diaz orgling a llama.

STUNNING Sin City star Jessica Alba got to know Cameron Diaz very well during a recent trip to Honduras - because they had to share a bed.

The sexy pair went on the voyage as part of Cameron’s new MTV show Trippin'.

And while Jessica had never met Cameron before, they quickly become bed buddies.

Jessica told an American TV show: "We shared a room and bed most of the time, 'cause it's scary. I didn't know her before the trip. We were strangers.

"There weren't enough rooms. Everyone had to sort of bunk together. The boys all stayed in one room. She didn't snore."

Here are the promised images. Hey, I just said it was Jessica and Cameron together. I didn't say in bed. You pervs. Anyway, they are in bathing suits. Isn't that enough? I got the images from MTV here.


And for all you llama orgling fans....And unlike other llama orgling fans, that's really a llama and that's really Cameron Diaz. No photoshop involved.


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