April 25, 2005

Religion of Stupid Bumperstickers Roundup: Honk if you're a terrorist edition

jihadi_bumber_sticker.jpgU.S. patrol in Iraq spots car with anti-US slogans, finds grenades and a bloody machete in trunk, nabs terrorists. I bet it's guys like these that Zarqawi volunteers for suicide missions.

Oh, and happy ANZAC Day to our Aussia and NZ friends!

A number of people have e-mailed me about the Kill Jews for Peace Website. My initial reaction was that it had to be a spoof. Beth thinks otherwise. If it's not, then why the hell does Cao get a death fatwa issued but not me!!


Why Lebanon Matters. I disagree that Lebanon is the key to resolving the Clash of Civilizations, but it is key in spreading democracy and further isolating Syria. Speaking of, Syria says that most of their troops are pulling out today. (Via Chad)

In Indonesia they give you 4.5 days in jail for every person you murder in the name of Jihad. On the other hand, if you're caught with some marijuana, you could just find yourself in jail for the rest of your life. Especially if you're a Westerner.

Saudis arrest 40 Christians for praying. Good thing they weren't trying to convert a Muslim, that could get your head chopped off!

Iran developing new bomb technologies.

Iraqis generally positive about prospects for future (via Ace).

Palestinians now starting blood-libel campaign against the U.S., says we grind the bones of Palestinian children and devour their eyes. Baseball, hot-dogs, apple-pie, and Pali-eyes!

AP stringer killed in Iraq, but it looks like the bad guys didi it this time (via LGF).

Is actor James Woods a CIA agent?

Domestic Dhimmis and Links of Interest

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal says 9/11 was our fault. She'll fit right in in Hollywood. (via Say Anything)

Good riddance! Please don't come back.

Donald Rumsfeld does Dolly Parton. I'm serious.

In support of John Bolton. I said John, not Michael.

More tolerance from the left.

Trey Jackson has audio of DNC Chair Howard Dean impersonating Rush Limbaugh snorting cocaine. Notice the media outrcry over this one yet?

Report: Conservative Southern Democrats Disappearing

Sexual predators could be in your town. Scary thought.

When hunger strikes go terribly wrong!

Phin thinks we should invade the Vatican now! It's funny because it's true.

Markos "Screw Them" ZĂșniga is chosen as Jackass of the Week over at Decision '08. Persnonaly I'd like to nominate him for Jackass of the Century.

The guys get shirts! Or, the single fashion review ever written that doesn't sound gay.

Leopold Stotch proves he has poor taste by declaring ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 'the most inspiring show on television today'. Dumbass!

One nation under dog.

Apocolypse Now--The Llama Butchers ask the important questions: Whatever happened to Kelly McGillis? Meanwhile, Kevin Aylward asks the even more important questions: Whatever happened to Cory Haim?

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