April 25, 2005

Reuters Cameraman Detained in Mosul (Update: AP photographer shot, another detained)

Via Traderrob at OpiniPundit this interesting news that a Reuters camerman has been detained by authorities in Mosul. The man's name is Nabil Hussein and he was a stringer.


Iraqi police have detained a Reuters Television cameraman for more than 24 hours in the northern city of Mosul, with no details released of any charges, relatives and colleagues said on Sunday.

The father of cameraman Nabil Hussein, 30, has also been detained since he tried to visit his son a few hours after the arrest. Relatives said about 20 policemen raided the home of Nabil Hussein on Saturday morning and then beat him, his driver and a fellow journalist before detaining them.The driver and the second journalist were released later on Saturday.

Driver Ismail Ibrahim and Hussein's brother, Namir, who said he also witnessed the arrests, said police did not state a reason for their actions and no charges were mentioned.

"They put bags on our heads and beat us," Ibrahim said, adding the men had been taken to Mosul's police headquarters.

Police and Interior Ministry officials in the city said they knew nothing of the detentions: "When I asked about my brother they said they did not know about it," Namir Hussein said.

Interior Ministry officials in Baghdad said they would inquire about the case....

Hussein was arrested before an Associated Press cameraman was killed and an AP photographer wounded in a shooting incident in Mosul on Saturday. The exact circumstances were unclear but Saleh Ibrahim died after going to cover an explosion.

Hussein, who is also a producer, has worked as a stringer for the London-based international news agency since 2003.

UPDATE: And another one! An AP photographer was shot while another AP stringer was detained in the incident. However, the second photographer Mohammed Ibrahim was later released.

Mercury News:

Mohammed Ibrahim, a photographer working for The Associated Press, was released Sunday by the U.S. military, which had held him after a shooting in which a television cameraman working for The AP was killed.

Ibrahim was wounded when gunfire broke out after an explosion Saturday in the northern city of Mosul. Saleh Ibrahim, a television cameraman working for The Associated Press, was killed in the same incident. The two men were brothers-in-law.

Mohammed Ibrahim said U.S. forces escorted him and his brother, Wamidh, who contributes to European Pressphoto Agency, from the hospital hours after the shooting and released them after nearly 24 hours in detention.

A U.S. military official, who would not allow the use of his name, said the two men had been "caught up in the sweep after the situation."

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