April 22, 2005

Religion of Peace Roundup: (Oops!) Honey, I Killed an Infidel edition

honey_I_killed_an_infidel.jpgIt's the Religion of Peas Roundup!

Pakistani PM claims Islam is "religion of peace and moderation which abhors extremism". Doesn't consider Pakistani law which puts to death blasphemers, missionaries, or homosexuals extreme.

Moderate Muslim country of Malaysia sentencing people to jail for apostasy. See how moderate works in Islam? At least they weren't killed.

Zacharias Moussaoui tries to plea guilty on capital charges related to 9/11, lawyers claim he's insane in the membrane. Of course he's insane. He's a f*cking suicidal terrorist! Duh!! (via Slublog)

Spain begins trial of 9/11 telated terrorists. Each defendent could spend up to 40 years in jail for helping murder 3,000 people. Justice European style.

Shoe-bomber conspirator gets 13 years in prison. Ditto.

Pro-Syrian Lebanese PM promises May vote will not be rigged. [Insert laugh track here]

Catholic University bends over, hands KY to Mullahs, takes it like a good dhimmi.

Former Spanish President has new test for freedom in Islamic countries: When can I freely buy a beer in Tehran?

Scores of Shiite hostages still missing. You know, infidel, anyone who disagrees with my form of Islam.

Jane Galt on surgical warfare.

Domestic stuff and other linakge

VDH on lessons learned from Iraq: Do not look for logic and consistency in the Middle East where they are not to be found (Via Daily Pundit)

Take a Kennedy. Put him together with a Clinton. Indict him. What do you get? No. Media. Coverage.

Jane Fonda opens her big-mouth again in defense of traitors moving to Canada to escape service in Iraq.

Dean on the use of the word moderate.

Lileks gets Catholics better than many Catholics get Catholics (via Spoons).

A review of Microsoft's new blogging software.

Finally the Dread Pundit Bluto notices that we have a three-way going with Ann Coulter. Sorry man. I'm not into that kind of three-way!

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