April 21, 2005

Religion of Peace Roundup: Viva Larry Summers Edition

Well at least somebody from Harvard is reading my work. Yeah, I know it's my blog and not my academic research, but I'll take what I can get. Some irreverent students at Harvard are hawking a Viva Larry Summers shirt. But don't worry, they assure me that no communist revolutionaries were harmed in the making of these T-Shirts. I don't know why they e-mailed me of all the bloggers out there. Especially since I noticed that Glenn Harlan Reynolds was recently seen out and about wearing one of their shirts.

It's the Religon of Peace and other tales of interest roundup. Since all trackbacks to me appear as a link to your site, just send a trackback to this post for some linky love.

Zarqawi attempts to assasinate Allawi. Zarqawi misses. Zarqawi lauds suicide bomber blowing himself up in order to kill the 'friends of Christians and Jews'. What's new?

Osama bin Laden to kiss and make up with the Europeans. Offers truce with Europe.

Missile downs civilian helicopter in Iraq, 11 dead--6 Americans. Kos readers react by celebrating death of Americans.

Traitor Hasan Akbar found guilty for murdering fellow soldiers just before the Iraq war. Like Muhammed Ali, Akbar decided it was against his religion to fight in Iraq. Unlike Ali, he decided to go ahead and kill some infidels as a means of protest.

U.S. forces ice 12 Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. Way to go!

EU cancels meeting with Pakistani delegation because it included a Taliban sympathizer. Europe: not for us, not against us, just lukewarm.

Don't travel Iranian Air.

And speaking of our allies in the GWOT the Pakis: Pakistan decides NOT to send Army to Waziristan, you know, to find Osama bin Laden.

Phillipines to enter talks with MILF. (Note: MILF in this context is an Islamic seperatist group, not, well, you know, that other kind of MILF my readers are so familiar with.)

Islamic terrorists in Phillipines abduct 22 school children, kill police officer in stand off. Why is there no more press on this?

Battle raging in Mecca. Ultra extremist Islamists killed by only moderately extremist Islamists in Saudi Arabia.

NJ newspaper defines 'Jihad', plays dhimmi to the T.

Europe pitching a hissy fit because we want to protect our airspace from terrorists. Thanks, once again, Europe for being such great allies in the GWOT!

Bush hanging tough on Bolton nomination.

I [heart] my vagina. Yeah, and I'm kind of fond of it too.

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