April 13, 2005

60 Minutes Interviews Lying Journalist Giuliana Sgrena (ironic)

60 Minutes will interview lying communist Italian journalist, Giuliana Sgrena. Do you think they'll do a better job than NPR's Sylvia Poggioli? Maybe:

Days before the Pentagon is expected to release the results of its investigation into what happened at the checkpoint, Sgrena tells Correspondent Scott Pelley that shortly after her release by insurgents, American soldiers in Baghdad opened fire on her car without any warning.
No warning? What kind of warning was she expecting at night speeding a long a road which has had more than its fair share of terrorist attacks?
contrary to claims by the U.S. Army, her car was not warned by hand signals, arm signals, flashing white lights or warning shots.
How exactly would she know if there were arm or hand signals sitting from the back seat of the car, on a dark night, as they rounded a corner? Further, Sgrena says in one (of the many contradictory) version of the story:
The Americans shone a flashlight at the car and then fired between 300 and 400 bullets at if from an armoured vehicle.
So the U.S. shone a light at the car before they started firing? You mean maybe they were trying to get you to slow down! And then started to fire at the vehicle 300-400 times.

Either the U.S. doesn't train it's soldiers well enough or they were firing warning shots!!! You lying scumbag.

You can see images of Sgrena's car here. You be the judge.

But what about Sgrena's later lie claim that the vehicle was fired on from behind? Wouldn't that explain why the photos show little damage to the car? All the damage is on the back side?

Remember, Sgrena claims she was fired on from an armoured vehicle, a 'tank' she called it in earlier interviews. If this is true, and who can tell what is truth and what is fiction coming out of that woman's mouth, that would mean the bullets probably came from a .30 caliber mounted gun.

Now look at the bullet hole in the front windshield. That is not an exit hole, it is an entrance hole. In the front. Unless maybe we're arming our soldiers with .22s?

Let's hope CBS calls Sgrena what she is: a propagandist and political opportunist whose lies constitute a blood libel against the U.S.

The online article is actually pretty promising and responds to much of Sgrena's lies. Pray that the TV version does as well.

Hat tip to Charles Johnson who is equally skeptical of CBS.

UPDATE: OpiniPundit gives his take on the interview. He was not impressed.

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