April 12, 2005

Star Wars Actress Bai Ling Bares all for Playboy

bai_ling.jpgNo, not Princess Leah (Carrie Fisher, D'oh!). No, not Queen Amidala (Natalie Portman, double-do'h!!) It's Bai Ling, who plays Senator Bana Breemu in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

According to nerd central theforce.net, Playboy magazine will show Bai Ling baring all in the June 2005 issue.


And what is Bail Ling's Senator Bana Breemu costume going to consist of in Episode III? According to Bai Ling, "I’m all naked with tattoos on my body. You have to find out why when you see the movie.


Anything else we should know about you Bai Ling?

"There’s a provocative, seductive girl inside me. She’s the one who should be banned. She’s crazy, free, open and sexy. She makes me have a good time and wear sexy outfits. Except in the house: I’m always naked when I’m inside.

Very Interesting.

What about Hot-Lesbo-Star-Wars-Chick-Pundit? Any thoughts?

Sex with another woman is something I wanted to experience, so I did. I was in the Jacuzzi once with this woman and felt a connection. It wasn’t about her gender; she was an attractive woman and I was stimulated. I appreciate the way a woman makes love.

Suddenly, I lost interest.

Obligatory Bai Ling photos follow of the (PG-13 sort, but maybe NSFW). Hat tip to Wine-aholic and with apologies to Kevin Nealon.

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