April 07, 2005


Here are some things I'm reading right now. It's like The Puppy Blender, only we do in one post what it takes him to do in 20!

-More. Dead. Terrorists.
-Tiny little spy planes. No word from Islamic Army in Iraq on tiny little RPG. (via Blogs of War)
-Jurors picked for trial of Islamist traitor in U.S. military. Texas justice, please.
-First the Pulitzers, and now the Peabodys. Not surprising.
-Art Buchwald. Idito.
-U.N. Corruption. Can you use those two words in the same sentence?
-Government sponsored Enron not getting headlines. *shocked*
-Bill Clinton for SC? *Chortle* Right. (via Jeff)
-Commissar is right on the Schiavo meme.
-Government acting like the mafia. Or, why Rusty is a domestic libertarian.
-Gun meet criminal. Nice.
-Sheriff gets tasered on live TV. Beavis moment.
-Another Terri Schiavo?
-La Shawn on MSNBC, while Joyner tells me he's been cancelled. I'm available!
-Jenna Bush bumping and grinding. Please send video!
-Star Wars nerds line up in front of wrong theatre. This explains why the light posting.......
-Domines to charge for delievery? Say it isn't so! (I was a driver for Dominos in college)
-Glenn Reynolds interviews John from Wuzzadem. (via Itsapundit)
-Censorship of the bad kind. Dumbass.
-Blogger smackdown! or troll smackdown. I just love a good fight.
-Support single mothers, visit a strip club. (via Beth)
-Welcome to the strange and growing superpower that is mu.nu.
-Hot. Young. Coeds. I've no idea what Stotch means.
-You live in a zoo....photos.
-Excuse me while I whip this out. Dumbasses.
-EU's "Little USSR", France. Heh.
-Ace is back. Long live Ace.

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