April 06, 2005

Editor and Publisher Apologizes for Terrorist Embeds *shock*

Editor and Publisher ought to be renamed, Apologist and Collaborater. Hey, and next time you mention my blog why not drop a link for all that is sacred and holy! You'd think your site wasn't html enabled......

And, as if on cue, you organize your story in such a way as to 1) set up claims of bias in the Pulitzer, in this case we are not talking about partisan bias but anti-American bias--a serious accusation 2) then refute those claims. Nice job.

Does the entire Associated Press corp pay you to kiss their asses or does your tongue just naturally like the brown eye?

And if the Pulitzer really shows war 'as it is', which is a terribly stupid claim given the limitations of space in any publication which inevitably leads to certain photos being picked which tell certain parts of the story and leaving out other photos which tell other parts of the war story, then why were not images of American victories shown or that of Americans happily getting along with children in the street? Or is that part of the war 'as it is' not worthy of the lauds of fellow journalists?

Our objections are not about the war photojournalists and the brave work they do. It is with the hiring of stringers such as Bilal Hussein who is comfortable enough with Abu Musab al Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq or Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi's Mujahidin Shura Council of Fallujah that he can get up close and personal for some nice staged photos.

Our other objection is to the photos selected as worthy of the Pulitzer. Is the Associated Press an American organization or not? Cause, I was kind of under the impression that America was sort of in this little thing called a SHOOTING WAR!

Ernie Pyle is rolling over in his grave, right about now. I wonder if he ever got that up close and personal interview with the Waffen SS he always wanted to do? You know, to show their side of the story. Cause, you know, they had families too. And kids. And flower gardens. And kitties......

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Thanks to TR at Exposing the Left for e-mailing me the article.

PS-Bunch, you're an idiot.

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