April 05, 2005

Bloggers Helping Hot Protester Babes Forward Democracy in Lebanon

Michael J. Totten e-mails me that he is in Lebanon with Spirit of America founder Jim Hake. They are there to raise money for the pro-democracy/anti-Syrian occupation movement--ostensibly.

My own opinion is that Totten is just there to pick up on one of those hot protester babes. I mean, check out the Spirit of America page right now and tell me that wasn't Totten's underlying motive? Perv.

Anyway, perv or no, Totten and Hake have the right idea. This is an extrememly important cause if we want to see the Middle East come out of the political Dark Ages and join modernity. Give a little or give a lot. Every penny counts.


Totten will be blogging from Lebanon for the next couple of weeks. Would you do us all a favor Mike? How about some more hot protester babe pics!!

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