April 05, 2005

More Terrorist Propaganda Videos

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq terorist organization released a video of the assault on Abu Ghraib prison. Evan Kohlmann has details here. What is not shown in the video or in the accompanying announcement are the 50 dead or wounded al Qaeda gunmen, nor an explanation as to only 2 of the 7 suicide bombers were able to explode themselves.

Chad at In the Bullpen has a very odd propaganda video produced by the Mujahidin Army in Iraq. The oddly edited video claims that Dale Stoffel, an American civilian contractor killed in Iraq last December, was really a CIA agent. The video then says Bush is trying to cover this fact up. Odd indeed.

He sent it to me yesterday wanting to know my thoughts. Honestly, this one is too bizarre for analysis. It is, however, worth a look just for the sheer entertainment value of seeing Bush photos next to prominent Jews.

This is the same group that produced another propaganda video in English aimed at pursuading the American people the justness of the terrorist cause. One terrorist expert has told me he is not even sure whether this group is even Iraqi. My own assessment of the Mujahidin Army in Iraq is that they are probably Baathist remnants given the nationalistic themes of their propaganda.

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