April 04, 2005

Pulitzer Prize Given to Terrorists

The Pulitzer Prize has been "Awarded to the Associated Press Staff for its stunning series of photographs of bloody yearlong combat inside Iraqi cities."

What photographs won for Breaking News Photography?

The 20 photographs can be found here.

5 of the 20 photos were taken by journalists who were working with terrorist forces. 11 of the 20 photos would likely cause anti-American inflamation. Only two show Americans in a positive light. Three more show the victims of terrorism.

Included in the 5 photos are 1 photo taken by Bilal Hussein [more background on Bilal Hussein here and here] of terrorist forces firing at the U.S. in Fallujah. Another photo identified as taken by a 'stringer' shows terrorists murdering an Iraqi election worker. Both of these photos are by individuals who saw Geneva Convention crimes and did nothing to stop them. Both photos indicate also that the individuals who took them had prior knowledge to the crimes being committed.

Of the remaining 15 photos, 2 show prisoners receiving harsh treatment by U.S. forces [here and here]. One more shows a dead child identified as being killed by the U.S. Another photo, taken by Khalid Mohammed, shows the residents of Fallujah rejoicing as they hang the charred bodies of dead American civilians on a bridge. The famous photo that caused Kos to cry 'screw them.' The family of an alleged Abu Ghraib victim is also shown mourning. Displaced children from the Fallujah conflict are also shown, the exact story Giuliana Sgrena was working on when she was taken hostage.

Only these two photos are positive. One shows the humanity of soldiers on patrol. The other one shows soldiers praying for a fallen comrade. But even the last one might be interpreted as defeatist.

To their credit, at least three photos show the victims of terrorism. See, fair and balanced.

No photos show U.S. troops rebuilding Iraq. No photos show U.S. troops playing with kids in the street. No photos show the results of the first democratic election in Iraq. No photos show the thousands of freed prisoners from Saddam's tyrranical rule.

The Jawa Report must therefore decline it's Pulitzer Prize. I might consider taking the $10,000 reward as soon as the Pulitzer committee stops hating America.

Thanks to Avenue for the tip.

Update 4/06: I have a new post up about the controversy. The most important photos is not the ones currently stirring up such emotions in the blogosphere. Instead, two other photos clearly show that the AP has ties to terrorists and insurgents fighting the U.S.

Update: Vivi e-mails to remind us that the Associated Press is a non-profit organization. So here we have a group that has terrorist sympathizers on their payroll yet is tax exempt? There is something wrong with this picture. I wonder if the Finance Committe might look into that status?

UPDATE: A lot of other fine bloggers have important things to say on this topic. You can find them by checking out the fatwas issued below. Especially good, in my not-so-humble opinion, are Michelle Malkin's take and that of Riding Sun (via the blogfather Charles Johnson) who has a very similar take as my own.

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