April 01, 2005

Pope Dying

Drudge Report claims Pope is dead dying. Rest in Peace.

[A tip from Hyscience who tells me that earlier reports based on mistranslation. Word was 'dying', not 'died']

As I said yesterday, I'm not a Catholic, but Pope John Paul II helped bring down the evil empire that was the Soviet Union. For that I am sure he has a place in heaven. God speed.

Update: Now Drudge is hedging bets, says Vatican denying.....

Update II: M.H. King says EWTN (Catholic TV) confirming that Pope is dead.....

UPDATE III: Now other sources denying report. Political Teen has video of Vatican statement. Michelle Malkin says Fox retracting earlier report.

UPDATE IV 1:20 (Central): Google News already carrying several MSM obituaries for Pope. Brief biography of Pope John Paul II here.

UPDATE V: Italian Media

Corriere della Sera: "Pope Gets Worse"

UPDATE VI: Aylward e-mailed me early and said I was wrong. Not satisfied with giving me the 'in your face', he spanks Drudge.

Others: Blogger News Network describes how new Pope is chosen.

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