March 31, 2005

Jane Fonda's Traitorous Threesome with Hookers

March 1, 2006 update: Report: Video of Jane Fonda threesome with Ted Turner click here.

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Jane Fonda has finally admitted what we've all known--or at least, you know, had certain thoughts about. No, nothing so mundane as admitting that visiting Hanoi was a mistake, although she does do that too.

Jane Fonda now says that she participated in threesomes with then husband Roger Vadim. And not the bad kind of manage a trois like in that piece of trash Chasing Amy movie. The good kind of threesome. You know, with two chicks!


Also on “60 Minutes,” Fonda acknowledged that she had participated in sexual threesomes, at the encouragement of her first husband, French film director Roger Vadim.

Hmmmm, interesting....
"One night Vadim brought another woman into my bed and I went along with it....I'm competitive...I was going to keep up with the Joneses. It was the '60s and whatever," she said.
She told the program she isn't sure if she enjoyed the ménage a trois, but said she consented because she worried he would leave her otherwise.
Very interesting....
Fonda told CBS she even solicited the call girls herself, using her experience from her Oscar-winning role as a prostitute in "Klute".
And then suddenly I lost interest....
"Hey, if that's what he wanted, I'd give it to him in spades," she said.
Yeah, yeah, I know. Jane Fonda is a traitor. But, come on, the chick was a swinger baby!

Not that I support this kind of thing, especially when Justice Antonin Scalia is involved, but, you know, this is Barbarella we're talking about!

Linked with James 'not gonna get my 10 minutes of fame yet' Joyner.

UPDATE: Special fatwa issued against Trey Jackson for conflating good Jane with bad Jane. How 'bout some good Jane video Trey?

UPDATE 4/06: Michelle Malkin and Jeff Goldstein late to the game. Jeff was just busy looking for three-way young Jane Fonda pics. What's Michelle's excuse?

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