March 31, 2005

Zarqawi Planning WMD Attack Europe

Forget Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is now the most dangerous man in the world.

The monthly German magazine "Cicero" claims that Zarqawi is planning a major attack in Europe. Zaman:

The magazine quotes a German intelligence official saying, "We fear that Zarqawi is planning a big explosion." Zarqawi is trying to source arms equipment from the region of Georgia and the northern Caucasus, according to Cicero. Another intelligence official says in the article that he does not know if Zarqawi has managed to procure arms. "We only know that he has been working on this," the official said. Cicero pointed out that at least 150-security guards are investigating a planned terrorist attack in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg or Berlin.
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Zarqawi has made such threats in the past. In December, German papers ran stories alleging that the terrorist leader was planning a terror strike of greater magnitude than 9/11. What is new is that intelligence has specific targets.

A chemical weapons lab was found in Fallujah shortly, but no quantities of WMD were located. Fallujah was Zarqawi's headquarters until it was liberated by U.S. troops late last year.

Further, (WND):

Zarqawi is also being tried in absentia in Jordan for "planning a major chemical weapons attack that was uncovered by the authorities."

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