March 30, 2005

3 Romanians and One American Shown on Hostage Video

Al Jazeera has aired a video showing the three Romanian journalists and their American translator taken hostage by an unknown group Monday evening.

The three Romanian hostages seen in the video are Marie Jeanne Ion, Sorin Dumitru Miscoci, and Edward Ovidiu Ohanesian. The major media still remains silent on the identity of the American hostage. Reuters, for instance, says:

a fourth unidentified person appeared on the undated tape on Wednesday sitting on the floor in front of what seemed to be blankets hung on the wall.
However, The Jawa Report has learned that the fourth victim is American Mohammed ( Muhammed ) Monaf. Mr. Monaf is reportedly a naturalized American citizen of Iraqi origin. He is said to have spent time studying in Romania and was acting as a guide and interpretor for the journalists.

Two armed men were also seen on the hostage video. Al Jazeera did not say what group, if any, had given them the tape. The pro-terrorist and anti-American television station also did not mention any demands being made for the hostages' release.

Romanian media have reported that the kidnappers have made ransom demands. It is not known whether those who abducted these hostages are insurgents looking to fund their activities or common criminals.

I would caution against jumping to any conclusions about this hostage crisis. Unlike the Giuliana Sgrena episode, these seem to be legitimate journalists.

However, I think the Italians, French, Fillippinos, and others who have paid ransom for the release of hostages never learned the lesson of my 5 year old daughter's book, If You Give a Mouse Some Cheese. Giving terrorists money is not a good idea on so many levels.......

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