March 30, 2005

Images Found at Arabic Website Show Promise and Peril of Middle East Reform

Winston Churchill once famously described Russia as, "a riddle wrapped up in a mystery inside an enigma." The Middle East and Arab world might well be described in the same way today.

There is both much hope and much fear coming out of the Middle East today. On the one hand democracy and freedom seems to loom imminently on the horizon. On the other hand, those same democratic forces may unleash radical Islamist elements long suppressed by totalitarian tyranny.

Recently I was skimming through files uploaded by users at an Arabic forum. The images found at the website offer insight into the promise and perils of democracy in the Middle East. These images show that major differences exist within Arab societies in attitudes towards the West and modernism.

Posted below you will find some of the most interesting images. They show the hopeful side of the Arab world and the not so good side.

..........And which way will the Arab world go from here???

The answer to that is anyone's guess.

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