March 30, 2005

Blogging Gets you the BIG Media Exposure

Fellow blogger and political scientist James Joyner of OTB will get his two minutes of fame tomorrow by appearing on MSNBC's Connected at 5:15 p.m.(Eastern). May I just say that it will be good to see someone besides evil Glenn Reynold's or Wonkette representing the best of the blogosphere. Seriously, can't the media find someone other than the Puppy Blender host or Ms. Anal to interview?

Also, INDeCent Bill and Jeff 'Cut' Goldstien will be hosting their very own radio show tomorrow at 3 p.m on Right Talk Radio. Their guest will be, hold on while I check....Glenn Freaking Reynolds?!? *sigh*

Might I suggest to Bill and Jeff that Ace is available? He's cut, he's desperate, and he's willing to do anything---if that's what it takes.

UPDATE: Malkin on O'Reilly tonight. You know what would be a good show? Malkin on O'Reilly, but without O'Reilly.

UPDATE II: Rusty Shackleford outed as gay White House reporter, finally gets an invite to speak as authority on blogging. Developing....

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