March 29, 2005

Zarqawi Surrounded (UPDATED)

Iraqi Interior Minister Falah al-Nakib announced today that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al Qaeda in Mesopotamia (Iraq), has been surrounded.

The Sofia News Agency reports the Interior Minister as saying, "He is surrounded in a certain area, and we hope for the best. This operation is ongoing. We hope that the situation will be completely different in Iraq at the end of this year."

Al-Nakib said al-Zarqawi was moving in "more than one area," but declined to provide more details, reports BNN.

Fingers. Crossed.

UPDATE: Novinite, which is the official foreign news agency of Bulgaria, was where this story first appeared. Later, the AP picked up the story and clarified that al-Nakib's remarks were much more general than the Novinite story.

Apparently what al-Nakib meant was that Zarqawi would eventually be captured because the Iraqi security forces are gradually taking control of the streets and winning the war.

An interesting fact bolsters his argument from the Zarqawi produced murder video released Sunday that we posted images from here. For the first time, Zarqawi uses a silenced pistol to murder the hostage victim.

As reader Eric J. notes:

The silenced pistol says to me that they are:

A. In an urban area where neighbors may hear them. (No surprise, the hostage takers seem to mostly have kept their hostages in urban areas, rather than taking them out somewhere in the countryside.)

B. Do not want to attract attention to themselves - do not control their surroundings.

It seems to indicate that random gunfire is something that would be noticed and investigated, where that was probably not the case a few months ago.


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