March 26, 2005

Third Blast in a Week Rocks Christian Neighborhood in Beirut

A car bomb has gone off in another Christian neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon. This would be the third blast in a week to hit Beirut's Christian population.

Lebanon's Christian population has overwhelmingly supported mass demostrations aimed at forcing Syria to withdraw. Counter-demonstrations in support of Syria's long-time occupation were reported as consisting mainly of Palestinian refugees and supporters of the Islamic terrorist group Hizballah.

ITV reports that five people were wounded in the blast. The AP reports that at least two of the wounded were Asian born foreigners.


A blast rocked Beirut on Saturday night, and Lebanese television broadcast stark images of severely damaged structures engulfed in flames.

Security officials reportedly think a car bomb caused the blast.

Casualties cannot yet be confirmed in the blast, which is said to have occurred in eastern Beirut, a predominantly Christian area.

Ambulances raced to the scene, reportedly in an industrial district, but it is not known whether people were trapped in the buildings.

A print shop and possibly a timber yard were said to be affected, which would account for the extensive flames and smoke.

News footage showed firefighters attempting to extinguish the fierce flames, which were shooting out of many windows.

The explosion was the latest in a series of blasts in the Christian areas of Lebanon. It occurred on the eve of the Christian holy day of Easter.

Four days ago, a bomb ripped through a shopping mall in a predominantly Christian area north of Beirut, killing three people and wounding at least two others, police said.

Just a few days earlier, a car bomb exploded in another Christian area of Beirut, shearing off part of a multistory office building. Nobody was killed.

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