March 25, 2005

More South Park in Iraq

Here is more evidence that South Park Republicans are much more responsible for the Iraq invasion than the neocon cabal ever was. Here is a patch popular with the troops in Iraq (see below), as noted by Will Collier.

Notice that Cartman is the only one smiling? To quote the great sage from Colorado, "I told you Kyle, Jawas have no heart."


James Joyner has a photo of the South Park inspired Afghanistan service patch, too.

And if you didn't see the most recent episode of South Park, you missed some major swipes at University of Colorado Professor, Ward Churchill. You can click the hippie below to see a clip where the term "little eichmanns" is used.


And as long as we're on the subject of South Park, can I take one moment to orgle Robert the Llama Butcher and make him my bitch? Seriously, what the hell are you smoking!!??!! Team America: World Police was one of the greatest movie ever made!!!

It goes like this:

1) Citizen Kane

2) Casablance

3) Team America: World Police

That's science, baby.

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