March 25, 2005

Top Taliban Leader Killed in Afghanistan

A top leader of the Taliban Islamist rebels has been killed along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Of course, al-Reuters runs this headline for the same story: Woman, Children Die in U.S. Attack on Taliban

I'll run with the Stars and Stripes version of events:

A “high-level” commander of the insurgency in Afghanistan was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces along the rugged border with Pakistan, according to an Army announcement.

Officials said Raz Mohammed, “implicated in many of the attacks against coalition forces in Paktika Province,” was killed alongside two other enemy fighters March 22 when Afghan and U.S. forces clashed with militants during a raid to capture Mohammed.

Mullah Hakim Latifi, a purported Taliban spokesman, in a satellite telephone conversation with The Associated Press from an undisclosed location said the clash occurred when U.S. troops surrounded the tents where Mohammed was living in Waza Khwa, an impoverished district on the Pakistani border.

He confirmed the death of Mohammed, who he said was a senior military commander in eastern Laghman province before the Taliban’s ouster in 2001.

He said Mohammed’s wife and six of his children also were killed.

Latifi claimed that eight American soldiers died in the battle, but the American military said coalition forces suffered no casualties.

You know, shit tends to happen when you're married to an asshole.

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