March 23, 2005

WTW: Dale GribbleRusty Shackleford's Take (UPDATED)


Alley Treats and Alamo Beer:
Mmmm, I could deep fry that for you. Down at the gun club, we also disobey authority. Isn't Nancy a Fox babe? Don't they call English rednecks limeys? UPDATE:
Llama Butcher MIA: Alien abduction. Fried pickles? Mmmmmm. Thongs. I'm wearing one now. Lawn gnomes: Hank? Texas vs. California: Ayup.

Politics in and around Heimlich County, Texas:
11th Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Schiavo Appeal: Masonic conspiracy. INDC on Schiavo. In DC? Don't trust 'em. AARP? First stage--second stage, Logan's Run. Sex offenders in Arlen? Carry a gun. No, carry many guns. FEC? FEDERAL...say no more. Michael Jackson? Robot. UPDATE: Parental notification nightmare:....Yup. Air America fiascos on HBO: Is that some kind of short-wave station? Liberal bloggers for Terri: You said the 'L' word. Evan Scott? My son Joseph is adopted. Alien DNA. John Delorean's death: Time machines are real. Howard Dean, scriptorian: The Bible code predicted it. Oliver Willis in outer space: Staged, like the moon landing. Driver's license? I have two. Farrah Fawcett reality show: Hot, but not Nancy hot. Democratic tee-shirts: Small, please.

Politics in places that don't matter--the rest of the world:
Al Qaeda is in Panama. Does David Lee Roth know about this?
Malaysia releases terror suspects. Are Malaysians Chinese or Japanese? World Water Day? Illuminati plot. Canada? Area 51, North. Kofi and UN reform: ........(shaking) UPDATE: 80 terrorists killed in Iraq raid: sh-sh-sh-shaw! Venezuala going communist: Have gun, will travel. Muslims demand apologies for Crusades: Indiana Jones. Nuf said.....Boomhauer?

I'm off to drink some Alamo in the alley. For more White Trash Wednesday fun, visit these sites:

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