March 22, 2005

The Left Blogospheres Gay-Outing McCarthyism

Here are the winners of last blog-sabbaths caption contest. Winners were chosen arbitrarily by my lawyer, Rusty Shackleford.

Buckley F. Williams: In a misguided attempt to dispel rumors that he is a homosexual, Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman takes time to pose for the new JC Penney catalog.

Wavemaker: "....and when I saw in the locker room that Rogers and Aravosis were this big, I said to them, 'no wonder you're gay!'.."

Jack M. Redcorn: "And after I saw that Jeff Gannon was this big (cut!), I made damn sure he got his press credentials..."

Runner up goes to me, for the obvious Mr. Garrison comparison....

"When a reporter notices that the word 'penis' occurs 6,083 times in his new novel, Ken Mehlman replies, 'Well, women want to read about ding-dongs! D'you thnk women care about the details of female anatomy?! Hel-lo! Women wanna read about big, poweful schlongs!'

Of course, this caption contest was inspired by the leftosphere's gay McCarthyism.

Gay-witch hunting that still seems to take up so much time for the left-blogosphere--and trust me it's going to get much worse before it gets better.

Recently, the good folks who brought you the Jeff Gannon / James Guckert outing have set their eyes on higher office. In a forthcoming edition of GQ magazine it will be revealed that Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee Chairman, is their next target.

Evidence that Mehlman is gay? Well ,he's not married. He seems to be pretty clean. And no one has seen him on a date recently.

Sounds like a lot of guys I know. Most of the time I just call them loser.

Anyway, Mehlman has denied that he's gay. I'm sure this won't satisfy the leftosphere. They won't be satisfied until they out a prominent Republican. And if there are pictures--hot man-on-man action pictures--all the better.

Cause you know, all that feminists really want to see are pictures of penises. Hot flopping penises. A Redwood forest of penises......

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Is Ken Mehlman gay?

Shouldn't the obvious answer be who cares?

There is an orthodoxy on the left that gays must be Democrats. That Republicans hate gays. That to be gay means automatic support for gay marriage.

The worst part about this orthodoxy is that gays who don't toe the party line are considered worse than enemies.

They are considered traitors.

And traitors, as you know, must be rooted out. Exposed.

It's a kind of McCarthyism. Only McCarthy was at least trying to root out real traitors--people who he believed were giving away America's nuclear secrets.

McCarthy, however wrongly he pursued those goals, at least had worthy goals. He was trying to save America from a very real threat.

Can the gay-outing McCarthys of the left say the same thing? Is the goal of gay-marriage so fundamentally important that destroying the lives and reputations of people is worth it?

In my mind the gay-outing left better take a good long look in the mirror and ask if such destruction is really worth it in the long run.

History has past judgement on McCarthy, and so too will it pass judgement on those who employ his tactics in much less important a cause.

Confederate Yankee has some more thoughts.

Update: Is McCarthy on everyone's mind, or what?

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