March 18, 2005

Swedish Hostage in Iraq Released, Ransom Paid

More background on Minas al-Yusifi can be found in my earlier posts here and here. Al-Yousifi is the leader of a Kurdish Christian political party, recently returned to Iraq after exile in Sweden since the 1084.

Can a day go by without some European country paying ransom so that terrorists in Iraq can buy more weapons to kill Americans? His captors had said he would be beheaded unless a $4 million dollar ransom was paid. How many IEDs do you think they can make with $4 million?AP:

An Iraqi-born Swede kidnapped in Iraq was released Friday after more than a month in captivity, Swedish and Iraqi officials said.

Minas Ibrahim al-Yousifi, reportedly the leader of the Christian Democratic Party in Iraq, called his children after his release, Swedish lawmaker Cecilia Wikstroem said after speaking by telephone to his family.

“He was very relieved but worn out,” she said. “He’s tired, of course, and needs to rest.”

Yonadam Kanna, a Christian Democratic politician in Iraq, said the hostage was released after the mediation of a Shiite cleric. He did not elaborate....

Wikstroem said the family did not say whether a ransom had been paid, but she added: “I think that’s the case. But I don’t have it confirmed.”

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