March 18, 2005

Remember the Good Old Days, When the Taliban Ruled?

WaPo waxes nostalgic on the good old days when bin Laden had free reign in Central Asia and women were beaten for showing too much cheek bone:

A wave of crime in this southern Afghan city -- including Mohammed's killing two months ago and a bombing Thursday that killed at least five people -- has evoked a growing local nostalgia for the Taliban era of 1996 to 2001, when the extremist Islamic militia imposed law and order by draconian means.

Residents reached their boiling point last week, after a second kidnapped boy was killed. Hundreds of men poured into the streets, demanding that President Hamid Karzai fire the provincial governor and police chief. Some threw rocks at military vehicles and chanted, "Down with the warlords!" Witnesses recalled some adding, "Bring back the Taliban!"

Both provincial officials are former militia leaders -- commonly called warlords in Afghanistan -- whose fighters reportedly preyed on residents before they were driven out by the Taliban. They regained power, like a number of other current officials, by joining the U.S.-led military forces that defeated the Taliban in late 2001.

I think this quote pretty much sums it up:
"We are savage, cruel people"

Barbara O’Brien *shock* argues that this is another sign of Shrimp-Chub-Bush's failure.

Parenthetically, I had the misfortune of recieving a copy of Ms. O'Brien's book and mistakingly read it. The shocking thing was that the publisher sent it to me hoping I would adopt it for a text in my Mass Media and Politics class. This is not an academic work by any standard. Stick to blogging Barbara.

Tim Graham notes that this is on the front page. Nice.

Nick Gillespie and Ranting Profs also chime in (via meme random)

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