March 16, 2005

Thanks, I have a hangover (Religion of Peace Update)

jawamillion.gifThanks one and all for helping me celebrate 1 million visitors. I'm just coming off a pure squooshie syrup high, so pardon me today. My head, it hurts!

Religion of Peace Update: Millions and Millions killed

Saudis beheaded two more gay men yesterday. Now about that whole anti-gay marriage=intolerance thing again.......meanwhile the 'Nazi' regime in Israel opens a new holocaust exhibit honoring the gays.

Teacher praises Osama bin Laden on Sept. 12th, 2001. Three years later said teacher becomes terrorist. Go figure.

Hirsi Ali may show film which offends Muslims in Netherlands, court rules. I don't know which is worse, Hirsi Ali's many death threats against her or the fact that this went to court in th first place.

Why would Syria need to stay in Lebanon when Iran is now supplying Hezbollah with tanks?

.....speaking of Iran, Robert Hayes was in Persia right before the revolution and says that the recent uprisings in Iran seem eerily familiar......(fingers crossed)

Our 'allies', the (spit) French, have sentenced a terrorist to 10 years for plotting to blow up the US embassy. His accomplices get one to nine years each.

Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be suicide-bombers. Unless of course you'ra Palestinian. I'm sure that poverty and hopelessness is what really creates terrorists, right? Er, I guess not.

Rember that one Seinfeld episode? Well it turns out there are good Protesters and there are bad Protesters.

On the good news front, democracy moves ever so slowly onward in Iraq.

And more good news from Jordan.

Here are a few other bloggie delights:

Jack Kemp's political career: RIP

Kewl: Interview with a Minuteman.

GM Roper is trying to replace American Warmonger as the new King of Blogs competition. He's got my vote.

Simon's Asian blog roundup is up.

Let's help Kerry keep his still unfulfilled pledge to release his military records. Hmm, I wonder what he could be hiding?

One time at the WPSA meeting a friend of mine got so hammered he was totally hitting on this skank......Man, what ever happened to Grimey?

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