March 11, 2005

NPR Misses Sgrena's Big Lie

NPR ran a six minute segment of an interview with Giuliana Sgrena yesterday. Sylvia Poggioli, in typical NPR fashion, let's Sgrena's inconsistencies pass. Here is a transcript of the lie I caught Sgrena telling:

(Poggioli's voice) She [Sgrena] denies the U.S. military account that the Italians' car was speeding, that soldiers made hand signals, and flashed warning lights to get it to stop.

(Sgrena's voice then a translation) Suddenly we were riddled by gunfire, but the lights went on only after we had been hit.

Had Poggioli been doing her job and checked Sgrena's story with one of the versions of her story she told in the past, she would have immediately caught the lie. Here is what Sgrena says in her own Il Manifesto article:
The Americans shone a flashlight at the car and then fired
Which is it Sgrena? The US says they attempted to slow the vehicle down by shining a warning light at the car. Sgrena originally admits that this is the case, but then changes her mind later. Why? Because the tale she tells NPR is much more damning than the orignial tale she told which on this one point meshes with the US version.
According to the division, the patrol attempted to warn the driver to stop by hand and arm signals, flashing white lights, and firing warning shots in front of the car."
We've already accounted for her lies here and here and how they simply do not mesh with the the physical evidence. But many of her inconsistencies can be accounted for as mere differences of perception. This one, though, is an out-and-out lie.

Can some one please remind me why US taxpayers are paying Sylvia Poggioli's salary if she believes her job is to smear the good name of US soldiers and repeat the lies and inconsistencies of a woman actively working for their deaths?

UPDATE: Captain Ed notices more evolution in the Sgrena story. With each day, her story cahnges and gets worse and worse.

UPDATE II: Right-wing Nuthouse on the same page. OCC chronicle speculates on what I have been saying since the beginning.

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