March 08, 2005

Mount St. Helens Erupting (Again)

Mount St. Helens spewed some ash this afternoon. Scroll to the extended entry to see pics from today's eruption and a live images from Johnston's Ridge observatory at Mount St. Helens. See, I'm interested in all things that explode. After all, volcanos are nature's nuclear bombs!

Here is a live image of Mount St. Helens. If you don't see anything it's either a) night b) erupting. In case of b please evacuate. Thank you.

Here is a pic from this afternoon from MSNBC

And part of a KIROT story.

Mount St. Helens released a towering plume of ash on Tuesday.

The plume was accompanied by an earthquake of about 2.0 magnitude.

The volcano has vented ash and steam since last fall, when thousands of small earthquakes marked a seismic reawakening of the 9,677-foot mountain.

Late afternoon television footage showed the plume billowing thousands of feet into the air, then drifting slowly to the northeast.

The ash explosion happened around 5:25 p.m., about an hour after a 2.0 magnitude quake rumbled on the east side of the mountain, said Bill Steele, coordinator of the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network at the University of Washington.

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