March 08, 2005

Al Qaeda Claims Zarqawi Photos Authentic, May be in Captivity

SITE translates this communique from Abu Musab al Zarqawi's al Qaeda Organization in Iraq. It seems that the photos released by CNN on Saturday are actually Zarqawi:

According to the statement, these photos were taken from an al-Qaeda mujahid who was killed in a battle in Iraq. “It happened then that these pictures [those recently broadcast by the media] fell into the infidels’ hands,” the text reads.
The message was written because of media accounts that Zarqawi had been captured (again). Another statement by the group today, via SITE, suggests that Zarqawi might, indeed, be either dead, captured, or that al Qaeda fears informants will turn him in.

“We hold Abu Musab [al-Zarqawi] in our hearts and we embrace him and defend him with our lives as it is the duty of a Moslem to stand by his Brother and not betray him.”

UPDATE: The Iraqi government issued two more photos of Zarqawi yesterday. Here they are. Remember, if you see this man please do the world a favor and kill him.

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