March 08, 2005

Sgrena's Fallujah vs. US Marines' Fallujah

Earlier I reported on Giuliana Sgrena's version of Fallujah. She called the Marine invasion of that city a 'massacre' and accused the Marines of dropping napalm on civilians. Blackfive has this after-action report done by a US Marine who was in Fallujah. Compare the two versions.

Hmmm I wonder if this from the Marine:

Footholds are strongpoints where the squad can fight from. At the foothold Marines can return fire, throw grenades, and use explosive devices to neutralize the enemy. After the enemy has been damaged the squad can move in and clear the house. If the roof top is the foothold the squad is holding, then the roof could be breached by a directional charge. Grenades or incendiary devices can be thrown into the structure flushing out the enemy......

[from a list of demolition devices Marines used in Fallujah and should be familiar with for future urban-warfare situations]

2. “House Guest” (Named by 2nd squad, 1st platoon, I Company) – Propane tanks placed in the central hallway with C-4 used to ignite it, creates a fuel air explosive – Used for bringing down a house when contact is made inside, propane tanks must be full

3. A 60 or 81 mm white phosphorous mortar round, wrapped three times with detonation cord and a 1/4 or 1/2 stick of C-4 – Used when contact is made in a house and the enemy must be burned out

4. Molotov cocktails – one part liquid laundry detergent, two parts gas – Used when contact is made in a house and the enemy must be burned out.

might just explain this wacky theory of Sgrena's and the "truth is out there" sqadrons of the Left:
«We buried them, but we could not identify them because they were charred from the napalm bombs used by the Americans». People from Saqlawiya village, near Falluja, told al Jazeera television, based in Qatar... The sad story of common graves, which started at Saddam’s times, is not yet finished. Nobody could confirm if napalm bombs have been used in Falluja, but other bodies found last year after the fierce battle at Baghdad airport were also completely charred and some thought of nuclear bombs.
And the Left continues to believe this woman's alternate reality......[hat tip: Ace]

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