March 08, 2005

Terrorist Choice in Vehicles Used for Sgrena Escape Plan: A Truck!

UPDATE 4:05 Central time: Italian television station Tg1 reports that a car was used. I have pictures up here. Not sure which report to believe yet.....

This important and overlooked new detail arises. If you have seen as many jihadi videos as me then you know that the vehicle of choice is the small Japanese pickup truck. Check this WaTimes article out:

The left-leaning Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported yesterday that Mr. Calipari decided not to use available escort protection from the elite commandos who protect Italy’s Baghdad embassy.

Instead, he rented an inconspicuous pickup truck to recover Miss Sgrena, wrote La Repubblica’s top investigative reporter, Giuseppe D’Avanzo.

A freaking truck? Are you kidding me? You rented a pickup truck to drive down a road where terrorist are known to attack daily?!?!!

The vehicle has been located and a preliminary investigation reveals that "Something that car did caused the soldiers to fire."

hat tip Charles Johnson

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