March 07, 2005

Is Giuliana Sgrena Jeff Gannon?

Jay Tea: "Anyone know of any Italian communists in or around Cow Hampshire I could kidnap and threaten to kill? I hear there's good money in that, for very little risk..."

Wuzzadem: "I've been taken hostage by insurgents. They're actually very reasonable people, and decent chaps for the most part - except for the whole kidnapping thing - but they mean business. And by 'mean business', I'm not implying that they would harm me, but they might be forced to take me for a drive, and Mahmoud likes to play 'chicken' at checkpoints, so there's always a chance I could be shot by some overzealous American soldier."

Cranky Neocon: "Help Me Leon Trotsky - You're My Only Hope"

Sobek: Sgena=Gannon (You have to see this)

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