March 03, 2005

Left-Wing Bloggers to Put up 150 Anti-Bush Signs

The anonymous Freeway Blogger celebrates the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan, it's spill-over affects into Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Palestine, and the complete paradigm shift uderway in the entire Middle East by mocking the 1,500 brave soldiers who died in that effort.

Examples of his signs:

...more evidence the real objection to the war in Iraq is that the Left thinks all war is bad.

...the mission is not accomplished yet, but is any one except the un-reality based community still calling Iraq a quagmire?

That last one is a doozy, since we liberated Kurdistan years ago. Oh, wait, he means liberate Kurdistan from us. What a patriot.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese post some of their own freeway protest signs:

And what are other Lefties saying?

Oliver Willis: "1,500 American lives. For what?" Er, see elections in Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria...... UPDATE: OW gets spanked!!!

Mathew Gross: "Not worth it. Not worth one."

This guy blames the US for the Hilla terrorist bombing. That wouldn't be like a Lefty--you know, blaming the US.

Lefti: "I'm waiting for someone to count the Iraqis killed just since the election - surely it's approaching 500"--and I'm waiting for Lefties to stop supporting tyranny in the name of no-war.

Atrios, to his credit, simply say's "Rest in Peace"

(ht: Wonkette who manages to leave the word 'ass' out of a post for once)

Rob also on the scene

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