March 02, 2005

Swedish Hostage In Iraq Pleads for Life on Video

A new video showing Minas Ibrahim al-Yussufi (also al-Yousifi, Yusefi) the secretary general of Iraq's Christian Democratic Party and a man who has been held hostage for a month, has been delivered to AFP. On the video, al-Yussefi begs for the intervention of the Pope and to the King of Sweden.

"I appeal to (Sweden's) King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Pope John Paul II, the international union of Christian parties and the Committee of Muslim Scholars... to work for my release and enable me to complete my national mission," he says.

Al-Yussefi also makes this heart-wrenching appeal, "I have been transferred to the execution unit of the Iraqi Vengeance Brigades, which certainly means my death and execution."

On a February 18th video Minas Ibrahim al-Yussufi made a similar appeal. He is to be beheaded unless his captors are paid $4 million dollars.

Al-Yousifi fled Northern Iraq in 1984 and emmigrated to Sweden. He returned to Iraq after the US led invasion to found a Christian politcal party. His wife and family remain in Sweden.

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