March 02, 2005

Gallup Poll: 27% of Americans Support Nuking Terrorists

A Gallup poll leaked today by Editor & Publisher reveals that nearly one in four Americans support using nuclear weapons "to attack terrorist facilitiesā€¯. Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the assassination of "known terroristsā€¯ and 39% agreed that torturing known terrorists was legitimate "if they know details about future terrorist attacks in the U.S.ā€¯

We at the Jawa Report have long speculated that the threatened use of nuclear weapons against Mecca could serve as a rational deterrent to Islamic jihadis using weapons of mass destruction against the US. Indeed, many Washington insiders suggest that the Administration has sent back-door messages to terrorist organizations that if they were to use a WMD within the borders of the US that a nuclear strike against Mecca would result. This, they argue, is the reason no WMD attack has happened since 9-11.

However far-fetched the MAD scenario may sound--and it does seem far-fetched to us that the President would have actually made such threats--what is clear is that a large number of Americans do not think the use of nuclear weapons are taboo per se. James Joyner summarizes the findings nicely:

The wording, though, is critical. If it conveys that nuclear weapons against the facility was the only way to prevent the attack, I'd be quite surprised indeed if only 27% would be willing.
UPDATE: I see LGF is on this one too. Charles notes "Are you listening, Tehran?"

And someone ought to remind this guy that we sort of won the Cold War.

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