March 01, 2005

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali Admitted Plot to Kill Bush, Carry Out Another 9-11

The Associated Press has just reported that an FBI witness testifying in the bail hearing of the would-be presidential assassin, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, heard the terror suspect confess his al Qaeda connections on numerous occasions.

Further, FBI agent Barry Cole testified that Abu Ali is an admitted member of al Qaeda. Cole testified that Abu Ali had also discussed with his al Qaeda associates the possibility of another 9-11 style attack either in the United States and that (Reuters):

"Once into U.S. territories they would fly into designated targets," he said.

Abu Ali also discussed killing U.S. congressmen, soldiers and blowing up naval ships in American ports, Cole said.

Ali is also to have allegedly called his Saudi captors "Jew scum."

This would mesh with earlier reports made here that Ali was raised in a household that supported the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is a world-wide movement dedicated to the restoration of the Islamic Caliphate. The teachings of the mosque attended by Abu Ali in his youth would have indoctrinated him to believe that the Saudi government had corrupted 'true Islam' and was a front for Zionist and Crusaders.

Lawyers for Ahmed Omar Abu Ali are scheduled to testify later today.

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