March 01, 2005

Pipes on Ahmed Omar Abu Ali and the MSM

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the 'Rosa Parks' of the Muslim-American community, is scheduled to appear before a federal judge today for a bail hearing. So what is the MSM saying about the man who plotted to assassinate the President of the United States? Daniel Pipes in today's Front Page Mag:

The New York Times: This case is “another demonstration of what has gone wrong in the federal war on terror. …In an undisciplined attempt to wring statements out of any conceivable suspect, American officials have worked with countries like Saudi Arabia.”

· The Washington Post: “the courts need to ensure that no evidence obtained by torture—with or without the connivance of the U.S. government—is used to convict people in U.S. courts.”

· The Baltimore Sun writes (dripping with sarcasm) that, “By unsealing a federal indictment against Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the U.S. government garnered headlines about an alleged terrorist plot, instead of the unexplained imprisonment of an American citizen in Saudi Arabia. … it portrayed Mr. Abu Ali has [sic] someone other than a victim of torture. The government may think its secret is safe. But it isn’t.”

· Newsday’s editorial is titled “Shame on Bush for rights violation.”

(hat tip: Robert Spencer)
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